Who will take of my property?


As an overseas owner, whether you are taking time off in your vacation home or renting out your residential or commercial property, we can take on the monitoring of its security and maintenance. Depending on the number, nature and frequency of tasks required we can offer individual services or priced packages accordingly to your specific preferences.


Distinctive services include but are not limited to the following:


_Maintenance, remodelling and procurement. Undertaking common repairs of all scale and types such as plumbing, electrical utilities, carpentry, masonry, painting, furniture and fixtures shopping and garden tending.


_Preventative maintenance. Providing property checks to ensure facilities and all key areas in general are kept in good condition avoiding costly repairs and inconveniences due to unforeseen maintenance.


_All-around housekeeping. Common tasks involving carrying out handyman work, mail forwarding and/or handling domestic accounts to ensure all bills are paid on time, pre and post arrival cleaning and grocery shopping. These services for the moment are available in Athens and the regions of Attica and central Peloponnese.


Feel free to contact us for further information and questions. 


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