Katerina Sirouni  I  Architect Engineer - Energy Inspector


Katerina Sirouni was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and received her Degree in Architecture and Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece.


Before establishing an independent practice, she worked for various architectural firms on large scale, high - end projects. She has significant experience in designing and renovating residential and commercial property, on-site supervision of construction, project management and in issuing all property - related permits and certificates. Katerina also specializes in offering consulting and property management services predominantly to non-Greek residents regarding their property in Greece.


Katerina also offers information and up-dates on Greek property ownership matters through newsletters and social media posts. She is also a contributor writer for WindyCity Greek, an on-line publication based in Chicago, Ill. and as a guest speaker on two radio programmes, Φωνή της Ελλάδας - Voice of Greece that airs live in Greece on the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and Echoes of Athens that airs in Atlanta, Georgia.


Katerina is also a member of The Technical Chamber of Greece, The Association of Architects in Greece and The Energy Inspectorate in Greece.



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