"When I purchased my apartment in Athens, I was concerned about managing the extensive renovation from so far away. A friend suggested I call Katerina. We meet, worked out a renovation plan, selected materials and I returned home confident the work would be done correctly. I was not disappointed. Katerina kept me informed on the progress or the project and when I returned to Greece I found my apartment completed, on time and on budget. The quality of the work was superb and the apartment had been left perfectly clean and ready for my family and me to enjoy.


Katerina not only provided a turn-key solution but since 2006 she has always been available for maintenance issues and repairs, providing timely, expert service. I highly recommend her".


Dr. Spiro Karras - Chicago, U.S.A.



"As a Greek-American with two properties in Greece I have been frustrated for years with the confusion of government tax regulations and laws relating to foreign citizens. Ms Sirouni's lecture on the subject of the Greek tax laws helped me understand many issues.  In Greece the rules constantly change and it is impossible to find out what tax you owe and how the amounts are calculated.  It is imperative to have a knowledgeable individual guide you through the labyrinth of tax regulations.  I have been using a Greek tax accountant for some time to file returns and check the validity of the annual tax statements produced by the tax authorities, but unfortunately he is also often perplexed".


John Barous - New York, U.S.A.



"Katerina Sirouni was unsurpassed as an architect / engineer in the sale of my apartment in Athens. She performed her job with utmost integrity, efficiency and immediate communication. Her knowledge of Greek regulations is perfect , as well as both her English and Greek language skills. She helped me navigate a tightwire of a deal with the utmost care and skill. As a Greek-American, I would never use anyone other than Katerina for any future dealings I may have in Greece".


 Danae Anderson - California, U.S.A.



"Katerina applied for our EOT License and issued the Energy Performance Certificate for our property in Mykonos. She is extremely professional and is competent at what she does. Katerina is very responsive to emails which are important since I live in Singapore and need somebody on the ground to keep on top of things and get the job done. I highly recommend her." 


Sharona Hurmuses of www.villahurmuses.com - Singapore



"Katerina Sirouni (Architect - Certified Building Inspector) and I have had a professional affiliation since August of 2012. As such, she has assumed a pivotal role as a member of a team of tenacious and proactive legal advisors. Indeed, I feel privileged to avail myself of the extensive professional services she continues to provide. Fully bilingual, Katerina's fluency in both Greek and English and her knowledge of the multiplicity of ongoing changes in the Greek Property Related Law have been vital. As a meticulous researcher whose attention to detail is impeccable, Aikaterini has been able to ferret out irregularities of building contractors who have not abided by the Greek building code. Undaunted by what others would consider insurmountable challenges ranging from strikes, closures, misplaced property documents, Katerina has never waivered or forsaken her mission. Her honest, direct, and positive approach to even the most disconcerting of issues inspires trust and respect in her clients.


Most importantly, Katerina is capable of patiently explaining in English every aspect of matters in terms of properties in a clear, direct, and understandable fashion. Thus, I highly recommend the professional services and invaluable advice provided by Katerina Sirouni especially to Greek – American property owners who reside either in Greece or abroad."


Elizabeth Wahlert-Athanassiadis - Athens, Greece



During this period of rapidly changing governance in Greece, having a working relationship with Ms. Sirouni makes me more confident that I am meeting all my financial and legal obligations in Greece.  She is constantly keeping me abreast of new laws and regulations as they develop.  Possibly her biggest asset is that she is fluent in both Greek and English and visits the United States regularly making meeting with her in person more of a possibility." 


 Hellena Chrones - Chicago, U.S.A.



"I found Ms. Sirouni's Greek Property Workshop presentation at the Holy Trinity Cathedral NYC most helpful and informative. In a time of so many changes happening in Greece and so many questions to be answered, we are fortunate to have such an eloquent and astute professional as Katerina update and guide us."


Steve Vavagiakis - New York, U.S.A.



"Katerina Sirouni offers significant and current up to date knowledge of all the changes in requirements that pertain to property ownership in Greece. I would highly recommend any consultations with her as you will be informed about what you did not know before it becomes what you should have known!"


Greer Melidonis - New Jersey, U.S.A.


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