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Why do I need a technical consultant?


As a foreign owner, you want your property cared for without the worries about its condition and secured from the ongoing market trends. Fully aware of obstacles you need to deal with from day-to-day issues to more serious unexpected hindrance, we can offer a direct oversight with an "after-sales" approach of managed services. Furthermore, the Greek real estate market in terms of transactions has become more complicated due to the implementation of new property related laws facing owners with new responsibilities and red tape.


Distinctive services include but are not limited to the following:


_Rented property. Issuing Energy Performance Certificates, negotiating leases and collecting rent, follow up on "common area" and utility issues and/or payments, dealing with minor repairs and providing general maintenance.


_Tax, legal and insurance support. Filing your annual tax returns, providing you legal and notary services, insuring your property to protect you from liabilities and unforeseen costs all with English speaking associates experienced in working with overseas clients.


_Damaged - fire struck property. Managing the process of restoring structurally impaired buildings  which includes issuing all necessary permits, coordinating a team of experienced structural engineers for structural evaluation, design studies and reinforcement work and providing legal advice in cases of multi-unit/ownership buildings.


_Multi - unit buildings. Handling unexpected ownership disputes, due to non complying authorized building plans compared to the Legal Deeds of Establishment in a building.


Documents/due diligence fundamental for owners, buyers or inheritors that we can issue or obtain from public entities include:


_Legal Status Declaration of Property. Issued by certified architects-engineers, more in section: _Declaration of Legal Property Status - Law No. 4178/13.


_Energy Performance Certificates. Issued by certified architects-engineers, more in section: _Energy Performance Certificate.


_Authorized building drawings and licenses. If the owner does not have the original documents, we can obtain verified copies from the Authorized Municipality and public entities in which the property is registered. These documents are proof of and describe the "legal status" of existing buildings, necessary for all transactions.  


_Contracts, Deeds of Establishment and Ownership Declaration at the Hellenic Cadastre. These are all essentially important, legally binding documents for owners of residential or commercial buildings and land. 


Click here to view and download a list of essential documents every Greek Property Owner should have in their Property Portfolio. 


Feel free to contact us for further information and questions.


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