Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate?


According to the Greek Law, effective as of January 9, 2012 when selling and of July 9, 2011 when renting, all deeds of conveyance and rental agreements for existing buildings are complete and valid only after an "Energy Performance Certificate" is issued and submitted to the Greek Tax Office or notary public.


Energy Performance Certificates, also know as "EPCs", are unique documents issued through the electronic system of the Greek Ministry of Environment only by Certified Energy Inspectors and states the level of efficiency in terms of energy consumption after concluding an inspection of the building in question. Certificates are valid for 10 years from the date of issue regardless of new rental agreements/different tenants or renewals of existing leases.   


Do all buildings require an Energy Performance Certificate? 


Structures required to issue EPC Certificates are the following:

- Apartment units and/or buildings, single family homes, non permanent vacation and summer homes exceeding 50,00 square meters surface.

- Commercial stores and offices exceeding 50,00 square meters surface.


Structures not required to issue EPC Certificates are the following: 

- Residential and commercial property 50.00 sq. meters or less in surface.

- Buildings for agricultural use, minor or major industries, independent storage area/property, gas stations and parking buildings.    


What does an energy performance inspection involve? 


We will visit your property to gather all necessary data of the building and its surroundings. During the inspection we will access each room for a general overview of insulation/exterior shading, note the size and type of glazing structures, inspect the heating, hot water, cooling and lighting system in cases of commercial property. When floor plans are not provided, exterior walls are measured on-site.


Buildings are indentified on a 9 grade scale from A+ to H and the most efficient are in band A+. Brief recommendations on ways to save money, improving the building's energy efficiency are noted on the issued certificate.


What documents/information does the owner need to provide? 


Documents and information needed to complete the process are the following:

- Building permits when issued after March 14 1983.

- Year the building's construction was completed.  

- Codes of Ownership Declaration from the Hellenic Cadastre


Feel free to contact us for further information concerning your property.


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